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reset ciqadmin password

I accidentally used blank passwords in the Capacity IQ setup.This matters because you can’t log into the web administration with a blank ciqadmin password. The appliance is just a Linux server so its easy to fix this and add the correct passwords. Log onto the virtual console and then the capiq console with the root … Continue reading

Unlock Android Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

So I got tasked with unlocking my Wife’s cousin’s Android phone .. another “Honey could you” … I had never done it before but it turned out to not be too much trouble, a few hours later and after missing the entire game 3 of the OKC Dallas game I had an unlocked Samsung Android … Continue reading


A Firefox extension that demonstrates HTTP session hijacking attacks. Exploits the insecurity of popular sites like Facebook and the lack of encryption/SSL not being used on these sites for your cookies. vLink

Install XBMC on Apple TV 2

Follow this link to install xbmc on a jail broken Apple TV 2. http://www.appletvhacks.net/2011/01/21/how-to-install-xbmc-on-apple-tv-2/

Apple TV 2, IOS 4.3 jail break

So it took me two days to pwn the apple TV but I finally have a jail broken apple tv running ios 4.3 and XBMC. Basically I now have netflix, nba, mlb AND all of my videos that can be accessed natively from the ATV. At the time of this post pwnage tool 4.3 for … Continue reading