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Install a vSphere 5.1 VSA in a nested ESXi host

The main errors you get when installing the vSphere 5.1 storage VSA in a nested ESXi vSphere 5.1 host are the cpu and hardware errors because it’s running in a vm that lacks some CPU features. So you have to disable the EVC check on the VSA server and enable cpu virtualizaton called “hardware virtualization” … Continue reading

Enable vlan trunking in virtual esxi hosts

When playing with the VSA in a virtual ESXi environment I got stumped because I didn’t have trunk ports. so I revisited this and found that if you create a distributed port group on your VDS that allows all vlans and then enable promiscuous mode on the portgroup, you can pass the whole trunk down … Continue reading


New CSUN GBUS 600 Course added to the MBA section.