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using iSCSI on vsphere

pretty good post on iscsi. read this

Cisco and VMware doc / DMZs and the Cisco Nexus 1000v


what’s a LUN in vSphere

a scsi volume presented to your host from a target thats available for formating vsphere-iscsi_san_config


try this article on new storage

VMkernel Routing

good simple post to explain the vmkernel routing table here

apache 2 – Using Name-based Virtual Hosts

use this to add subdomains or other domains to your apache server vLink NameVirtualHost *:80 ServerName http://www.domain.tld ServerAlias domain.tld *.domain.tld DocumentRoot /www/domain ServerName http://www.otherdomain.tld DocumentRoot /www/otherdomain

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use this search


screwed up the time … need to read this

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