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vCenter 4.1 Xendesktop 5 error “The hypervisor was not contactable at the supplied address”

SSL error as usual. Install the SSL Certificate for the vCenter server on the XD Controller following these steps Then use httpS://fqdn/sdk in hostname field Advertisements

Active Directory 2003 transfer fsmo roles with ntdsutil

I’m learning more than I want to about ADS. vLink

Active directory windows 2003 remove metadata from demoted domain controller

My domain is really effed at the moment and replication is failing. I have an old domain controller causing issues. Use this procedure to remove the metadata from the other domain controllers in the farm.

VMware View 4.5 use vm’s as unmanaged desktops

You need to follow this KB article in order to use a managed desktop aka A VM as a physical unmanaged desktop. Otherwise the vm will not register with the connection server.

MagicDisk – Mount ISO files on 2008


vSphere 4 Windows 2008 Standard VGA issue. Slow mouse movements

update the driver using the newer vmtools, I found the driver on vCenter 4.1.

enable ssh on cisco 2950 switch


Upgrading Software in Catalyst 2900XL and 3500XL Switches Using the Command Line Interface – Cisco Systems


Configuring InterVLAN Routing and ISL/802.1Q Trunking on a Catalyst 2900XL/3500XL/2950 Switch Using an External Router – Cisco Systems


VMware VCAP Preparation Tips and Study Resources

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