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Floodlight – Open Source SDN Controller

Very very interesting new technology for the virtual data center Advertisements


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Software Defined Networking

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Enable vlan trunking in virtual esxi hosts

When playing with the VSA in a virtual ESXi environment I got stumped because I didn’t have trunk ports. so I revisited this and found that if you create a distributed port group on your VDS that allows all vlans and then enable promiscuous mode on the portgroup, you can pass the whole trunk down … Continue reading

Cisco Adapter-FEX P81E VIC adapter and Nexus 5000 switches (A-FEX) and ESXi 5

The full Cisco Adapter-FEX configuration guide can be found here. These are the steps you need to take to enable A-FEX on a Nexus 5000 switch. After following these steps your vnics should be available in ESXi. Enable NIV on the physical server adapters using CIMC. Enable the virtualization feature on both switches if using … Continue reading

UCS 2.0 Deploy Layer 2 Disjoint Networks Upstream in End Host Mode


Power CLI DVS commandlets

Good fling from the vmware labs vLink

Create Port Channels on Nexus 5000


Nexus 5000 mgmt VRF

You must specify the management VRF when trying to ping from the mgmt interface on the N5K console like so ping vrf management