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Xenapp 6 qfarm /load 20000

disable IPv6 completely then reboot Advertisements

vCenter5 SSPI handshake failed with error code 0x8009030c

Had this happen out of nowhere after a reboot of VC5 “SSPI handshake failed with error code 0x8009030c”, this fixed the issue: vLink

vCenter 5 linked mode with vCenter 4

vCenter Server 5.0 can exist in Linked Mode only with other instances of vCenter Server 5.0. Linked Mode groups that contain both vCenter Server 5.0 and earlier versions of vCenter Server are not supported vLink

Create Port Channels on Nexus 5000


Nexus 5000 mgmt VRF

You must specify the management VRF when trying to ping from the mgmt interface on the N5K console like so ping vrf management

Recover Nexus 5000 Admin password

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Error: You are not permitted to start any more sessions for this resource

I tried the fix here with the GPO but that didn’t work. I don’t what the issue is but if it only fails if I log in as a different user and try launching the desktop, even if i do a log off. If i log into the desktop on the console with the assigned … Continue reading