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VMware SRM 4 and EMC Clariion FC

if you see an error during the failover test that says the snapshot could not be created be sure you followed the steps in the SRA admin guide correctly and have created the snapshots on both the protected and recovery sites. You can find the guide HERE

RHEL 5.6 on UC 460 M1

follow the instructions closely from the install guide. You need to choose the boot device and boot hard disk BEFORE the Linux install or else from some reason it won’t boot. vLink

SRM 4 Error when configuring Array Manager: Unable to display datastore groups. Replicated devices could not be matched with datastores in the inventory

*** NFS is not supported when using the netapp SRA *** From this vmware kb article Make sure if you are replicating two arrays from the protected site you replicate to two arrays on the recovery site, and you are not replicating from two arrays to one. This is not supported. If your vm has … Continue reading

SRM 4.0.2 Error occurred: XML document is empty.

I’m an idiot, I was not pointing to the correct NetApp array and the system was returning some html code that was causing srm to give me this error. my post to the vmware community is here Since I called VMware support on this they are actually going to make a kb article for this … Continue reading

VMware view 4.5 Administrators guide html


Massively Scalable Data Center

read this article by Brad Hedlund vLink

vSphere 4.1 Performance Troubleshooting Guide

new vDoc from VMware for troubleshooting vSphere 4.1 performance issues.