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Unlock Android Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

So I got tasked with unlocking my Wife’s cousin’s Android phone .. another “Honey could you” … I had never done it before but it turned out to not be too much trouble, a few hours later and after missing the entire game 3 of the OKC Dallas game I had an unlocked Samsung Android 2.x Galaxy S Vibrant.

1. Root the Android Galaxy . This is pretty easy to do using the SuperOneClick app from ShortFuse. I used version 1.9.1. Just a click and a reboot of the phone and you have root access to your android phone.

This is an extremely important step, If you don’t have root on the phone you will get permission denied errors and won’t be able to read the /efs file system. You can test root access by running ‘abd.exe shell’ then run ‘su’ . If you don’t have ‘su’ you can’t unlock the phone. See the next step to get access to abd.exe.

2. Install the ABD.exe program for shell access to the Android phone from the Android SDK. You need this to backup and retrieve the nv_data.bin file from the phone. I installed this Galaxy unlock tool from the XDA Developer hackers which included the abd.exe program. Just look for the Generate Unlock Windows.zip file. You can try to run the Generate_Code.bat file to get the unlock code, however that did not work for me.

3. Extract the nv_data.bin file from the android phone. Connect the phone to your PC, make sure you can see the phone in Windows explorer, mine showed up as removable disk G: and H:. You have to enable the USB Development on the android too. Just look at a youtube video if you don’t know how to do those things.

To extract the nv_data.bin file from the phone run “abd.exe pull /efs/nv_data.bin”

4. Create a new nv_data.bin file and unlock your phone. Upload you nv_data.bin file HERE and enter an 8 digit unlock and freeze code you want to use. I left the default of 00000000 for both. They will provide you with a new nv_data.bin file, download the new file.

5. Install the new nv_data.bin file. Download the unlock2.bat file from HERE. Copy the nv_data.bin file to the same directory as the unlock2.bat file and run the script. This will perform several actions, follow the prompts carefully. Don’t worry if you get copy errors, just make sure you don’t get permission denied errors. If you do then make sure the phone is properly rooted. Make sure you read the directions echo’d in the batch file.

6. Install your SIM card.

That’s it, your phone should boot up and be unlocked. This worked for me for an AT&T SIM card on a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant Device.


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One thought on “Unlock Android Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

  1. Nice. I hacked my wife’s Samsung Captivate with XDA-Developers Cognition ROM. Worked great for a while, but then she had problems with the phone locking up. So I loaded Serendipity on it, and it has been working awesome ever since. The GPS locks up way faster than it used to, and all around phone functionality is way better. Nice post on unlocking the phone!

    Posted by Don Lewis | June 14, 2011, 6:57 am

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