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SRM 4 Error when configuring Array Manager: Unable to display datastore groups. Replicated devices could not be matched with datastores in the inventory

*** NFS is not supported when using the netapp SRA ***

From this vmware kb article

Make sure if you are replicating two arrays from the protected site you replicate to two arrays on the recovery site, and you are not replicating from two arrays to one. This is not supported. If your vm has its config files one one array and data on another this must remain consistent on the DR site. If you try to replicate from two arrays in production to one array at the DR site then you will receive this error.

Virtual machine components can be on an array which is replicated to another array.

However, VMware does not support virtual machine components on multiple arrays which replicate to a single array as the VMX configurations do not match in terms of UUID of the datastores.

Ensure that virtual machine components are not on multiple arrays that replicate to a single array.

What this says is that your config files (vmx), vmdk, and rdm’s must be on the same array to be protected and must replicate to one single array. Once I moved my VM’s vmx files, vmdk’s and rdm’s for my VM’s to the same array I was able to protect the my VM’s. For the RDM’s this includes the actual LUN’s that contain the data not just the RDM mappings.


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