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vcenter 4.1 Linked mode failing with duplicate GUID

Operation “Join instance VMwareVCMSDS” failed: : Action: Prepare for Join
Action: Retrieve remote VC instance Guid
Problem: Remote instance Guid Retrieval failed: “instance GUID for remote vCenter Server is same as the GUID for this vCenter Server. If this machine is a clone of the remote server, please reinstall vCenter Server on this machine.”

To fix this:

1. Run this SQL Query on your vCenter DB: delete from VPX_BINARY_DATA;
2. Uninstall vCenter
3. Remove the instance.cfg file
4. Re-install vCenter

From vmware support
“If you are ‘pointing’ your vpxd to an existing VCDB, it will use the LDAP (zipped) backup and zipped instance.cfg from VPX_BINARY_DATA table.
Nuking all rows in VPX_BINARY_DATA table on the machine where a fresh instance ID is acceptable should be done to force the installer to pick up a new instanceUUID.

Running this query in the SQL Server Management Studio “delete from VPX_BINARY_DATA;” along with removing the instance.cfg file caused a new UUID to be created during install
This is a Known Bug 625911 in VC 4.0 Update 1 and will be fixed in VC 4.0 Update 2″


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